This is a WebSDR Softrock receiver on 6m Band, located in Strasbourg JN38un.
It is operated by RadioClub F4KJI (sysop F6BZG) and hosted by BATIMA Electronic Company ( ).

Philippe and Stéphane assembling the antenna to the mast :            

Diagram of the station
Solar-Terrestrial Data Panels

A good idea from ZR6AIC and thanks to him.

Many thanks to :

-F8ZW (Jean-Paul) and F4HLF (Yannick) for hosting the websdr
-F1ULQ(Jean-Luc) for all material supplies
-F5IYJ ( Philippe) for his software services
-F4HTB (Olivier) for his extensive Linux knowledge.
-VE3NEA (Alex), author of nice ham radio software like Cw Skimmer, which we use to decode CW.

Please, let register with your call sign or your name. It is more friendly than an IP adress ;-)

Enjoy and thank you for your visit !

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Realtime Reverse Beacon

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This reverse beacon is powered by a licensed CwSkimmer (author : Alex VE3NEA).
If you want the previous spots, click here and the full size file will be uploaded.
Last spots are shown at F4KJI spots - Reverse Beacon Net

If you want to be notified by stations found , vocally and without time limitations on the page , please visit our new service

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